The services/manner of service in this website focuses on a proven weight loss method that focuses on nothing but nutrition, diet plans, and exercises. We do not administer the use of weight loss supplements or additional medical drugs to facilitate the weight loss process.

We give you customized diet and meal plans for the management of health-related chronic disorders like obesity or disorders that are encouraged by conditions like obesity. What you get here is Food and Natural Therapy which is designed particularly according to your body chemistry. Since each person is fundamentally different, every person treated at Health Total is given an individualized plan for Health Management.

When you visit us for the first consultation, your eating habits and daily lifestyle are closely evaluated. Based on this, modifications in your diet and lifestyle are prescribed to initiate the weight loss process. Amongst everyday food choices from your kitchen, a diet plan is prescribed and this modifies the eating patterns that will further help you in the weight loss journey.


You promise

  • To keep our nutritionists, doctors, and healthcare professionals updated with your medical history, ongoing medications, and ongoing medical treatments.
  • To update our nutritionists, doctors, and healthcare professionals of any changes in your medical / lifestyle patterns including matters like sleep, pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding, etc.
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by our nutritionists, doctors, and healthcare professionals without which the natural weight loss process will be useless.