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One in every 10 women suffers from PCOD/PCOS on an average. Some experiences obesity, weight gain,

acne while some experiences abnormal menstruation, irregular or heavy menstruation and depression, loss of

scalp hair are also some significant symptoms of PCOS. All these side-effects-cum-symptoms are threatening

and alarming too. In a world where stress and anxiety are common, there is a high risk for women to suffer

from PCOS/PCOD. But every problem has a solution and this deadly-looking worst situation also has some

specific solutions.

The most significant one is opting for a proper diet. Whether it is diabetes, blood pressure, or any other

disease diet plays a major role because anything we eat has a direct effect on our body so, going for a healthy

and proper diet can help a lot with this problem also. Dietplusminus is here to help.


What is PCOD/PCOS?


PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) are names given to the same

ailment. PCOD affects nearly 1 million women per year in India only, mostly striking at an early age. As the

name already suggests, in the disease, the development of multiple cysts (blisters inside the body) in the ovary

takes place. Due to this ovary enlarges and excessive production of androgen and estrogen (female hormones)

happens to lead to multiple disorders in the body. Symptoms of the ailment are already listed above.


Causes of PCOS


The exact causes of PCOS are still unknown but excess production of male hormones (androgen) inside the

body may lead it. High levels of the male hormone inside the body prevent ovaries from producing eggs

normally, leading to many problems. 


PCOS runs in families so, it is related to genes, meaning that if your ancestor had it there are high chances of

you catching it. Insulin resistance and inflammation of tissues also lead to excessive production of a male

hormone which then leads to PCOD.


PCOD diet plan


Diet affects the problem in two major ways first a good diet led to PCOS weight management and second it

maintains the insulin level of the body (One is a significant symptom of the ailment and other being a major

reason behind the disease).


Here dietplusminus has listed some of the diets which will help everyone fight the disease and control the

symptoms to a great extent.


Low Glycemic index (GI) diet- A diet in which less amount of Glycemic is present may help a lot in this case.

A diet with low GI is digested slowly inside the body meaning, that they do not lead to rising the insulin level,

which is necessary to be balanced. Nuts, fruits, starchy vegetables, whole grains all come in a low GI diet.


Less inflammatory diet- Inflammation of tissues is a major cause of the disease so, ingesting an inflammatory

diet can do worse. Berries, fishes, leafy green vegetables can help to reduce symptoms.


Dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH Diet)- It includes fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products,

etc. DASH diet is highly recommended for PCOS.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we moved from offline services to online services. But the good news is that you can consult with Dr. Pankaj Kumar online. We assure you will get quality consultation online. To book an appointment, please click on this link.


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We never promise an unrealistic goal. We help patients to understand the disease and process for their correction with lifestyle modification. Dedicated patients usually do it perfectly but after all the perfection some patients may not get the desired result. The main reason being hormonal issues, disease conditions like high insulin state, high estrogen state, hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone), body disability, restricted body movement, lack of interest, unrealistic goals, etc. In this situation, we can try another method but keep in mind that every patient will get the same result is not true.

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Yes, you can pause/ resume your weight loss journey as you like but keep in mind we will not extend the duration of your subscription. In some special cases with proof, we may extend the subscription for 15 days in the entire subscription tenure.

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You may cancel your premium subscription plan within 7 days of subscription. The fee will be refunded after subtracting the consultation fee, processing fee, and bank transaction charges.

  • Please note that the above charges will be adjusted after deducting the Doctor Consultation charge (999/- or $30 (United States Dollars thirty)) and a processing fee of Rs. 750/- (Rupees seven hundred and fifty) for India or $20 (United States Dollars twenty) for locations outside India (including Taxes and bank charges, if any). The refund shall be processed in the manner/mode which is used to subscribe to the DietPlusMinus Plan within 30 (thirty) days from the date of cancellation.

  • If you have purchased a DietPlusMinus one diet chart plan, seven diet chart plan, one-month diet chart plan, you will not be eligible for a refund from DietPlusMinus.

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No. We usually provide three meals in a day and in some diseases it's four to five meals. Mealtime you need to adjust according to your convenience as this is not only three months or six months program, you need to adopt a better eating habit for a lifetime.

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No, usually we do not allow milk in the diet plan especially when you have enrolled for abdominal symptoms along with weight loss but milk products like curd, paneer, etc are allowed. The Milk keeps you full for a longer time as a result of fullness you may not eat the whole plate. Less calorie intake may start unintentional muscle loss so, if you need to drink milk then the best time is to drink in the evening. However, remember that drinking excessive amounts of milk may lead to weight gain due to high-calorie intake.

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Yes, you can have snacks. Sprouted moong beans, green sprouts, almond milk, etc, and leftovers from the previous meal can be taken as snacks.

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Normally there are only three meals in a diet plan, but it can be changed depending upon your requirements.


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