Ashok Kumar Singh

Diagnosed Celiac disease (Gluten Sensitivity) - Started Lifestyle Modification

I joined Dr. Pankaj's weight loss program 2.5 months back and lost 8 Kgs within one month. My hemoglobin used to be low and bilirubin used to be high always. In-between weight loss, I realized that bilirubin has been increased significantly. I told Dr. Pankaj regarding this. He suggested meeting Dr. Sawan (who specialized in Gastroenterology). I had gone through multiple checkups which showed features of celiac disease (gluten sensitivity). Now, I need to switch to a Gluten-free diet. During diagnosis, Dr. Pankaj and Dr. Sawan told me to stop weight loss. I stopped but continued keeping an eye while consuming anything and tried to follow the main points suggested by Dr. Pankaj Kumar. During the whole diagnosis procedure, I not only avoided weight gain but also lost three more kgs. After understanding my disease complexity, Dr. Pankaj gave me a gluten-free diet chart. I have started following his plan. I hope my hemoglobin will come to normal soon. Overall, I lost 11 Kgs (lost double chin, 2.5-inch loss in the waist, in 2.5 months (barring health condition shared). No doubt, Dr. Pankaj Kumar's weight loss program is fabulous and very interesting. Dr. Pankaj Kumar is a good doctor as well as a nice person. Thank you, Dr. Pankaj!!
Data Analyst, New Delhi , Ashok Kumar Singh
Shashi Bharti

I was obese with hypertension - No medication now with lifestyle modification

Thanks to Dr.Pankaj for such a wonderful diet, guide & motivation for a change of life. Thanks again.
Kolkata , Shashi Bharti
Megha Mahajan

Lifestyle modification in Post-Pregnancy weight gain

Thank you, Dr. Pankaj, for helping me lose my post-pregnancy weight, for which I was struggling past 2 years. I took his 3 months program, but unfortunately followed only for 2 months, and to my surprise, I lost almost 7-8 kgs and felt more healthy than before... now after 4 months of leaving his diet I have still not gained more than 1 kg. which is amazing ... his diet is simple and focused more on portion control ... thank you once again...
Noida , Megha Mahajan
Parul Takkar Chugh

 I was in a grip of the silent killer - obesity

Today I am very happy with what I have achieved, for which I had been struggling. I saw Dr. Pankaj's unique Facebook advertisement and I called him, he explained in detail the relationship between diet and exercise and advised me on how to go for the same. I trusted him and took a diet plan. After 3 months, I lost around 11.5 kg with a massive inch loss which was amazing and overwhelming. I did not know how it happened, but it was nothing short of magic. Now after 6 months, I am eating like a normal person but I take care of my diet and daily exercise. If you join Dr. Pankaj, you have to show trust in him and have to follow his advice honestly. There will be some challenges while following the regime but you will definitely thank Dr. Pankaj and yourself after three months.  
Statistician, Sir Gangaram Hospital , Parul Takkar Chugh
Vikrant Sobti

Prediabetes with obesity and multiple health problems

I met Dr. Pankaj for a very specific reason. Due to Covid19 and Work from the Home scenario, I gained massive weight and I became overweight (approx. 12 kgs more than usual), with Pre-diabetic conditions. Low energy & regular tiredness became a new normal for me. I consulted Dr. Pankaj & he suggested me weight loss program to get rid of the above problems. The result is for you to see below. I have enrolled in 3 months weight loss program and I have reduced 7 kgs in 27 days via Dr. Pankaj's diet plan.  The diet plan suggested was as per my taste & preferences. Thanks, Doctor. I would also recommend Dr. Pankaj as he listens to the problem and get into the root cause of it. Not only for weight loss but many other problems.
New Delhi , Vikrant Sobti
Smrutiranjan Patro 

High Cholesterol and Triglycerides Treatment with Lifestyle Modification

With no regular exercise and improper food habits in the lockdown, I put on massive weight within 5 months. I went for a routine full-body checkup and found that my cholesterol levels were very high. I was worried. I met Dr.Pankaj through a Med-App. I took an online appointment and he explained to me in detail the relationship between diet and exercise. I was very much convinced by the way he explained to me the problems with improper food habits and the changes that I need to bring in. I took the 3 months diet plan from him. And it's just 2 months, I lost almost 9 kgs. If you join Dr. Pankaj you have to show trust in him and honestly follow his diet plan.  He is an amazing human being with lots of patience. Thank You Dr. Pankaj for helping me and more to come. Thanks a lot❤
Engineer, Data Analyst , Smrutiranjan Patro 
Shweta Goyal

Low HDL with Obesity and other Health Problems - Joined Lifestyle Modification

As you all liked & appreciated my recent pictures a lot, I would like to give you some insight into what I have been blessed with within the last 3 months. I stumbled across a health Guru, a friend’s reference. To give you a little background I will take you 9 months back, around March 2020 my weight was shooting up and reached an all-time high. I blamed my hormones, age, pandemic... I tried things that don’t work at all and left me exhausted. I was struggling to balance work & family and now one more thing to worry about is my increasing weight. Luckily, I met a health Guru (expert) Dr. Pankaj Kumar in Sept 2020 who advised me to share my blood reports, and based on that report he gave me a diet chart as to what to eat and how much to eat. Since we are vegetarians and due to my daughter’s allergy issues, we had moved to a more Vegan lifestyle. He quickly personalized a plan for me that included veggies, tofu, nuts that we anyways ate in our regular life. I didn’t feel that there was any change in ingredients that I was using earlier. For example, it included seasonal vegetables. I was never asked to take any kind of pills or to survive on smoothies or salads. I have been eating my full-regular Indian meal- Dal (Lentils), Chawal (Brown Rice), Sabji (Veggies) Roti (Indian bread), Ghee (clarified butter), and Olive oil. Thank you, Dr. Pankaj Kumar.
New Jersey , Shweta Goyal
Rishi Goyal

Prediabetes, High Triglycerides, Obesity - Lifestyle Modification Changed My Life

I wanted to share my experience and hoping others will get some benefit. I used to weigh 180 lb (81.6 kg). From 2011 to Sept 2020 my weight varied from 168 lb (76.2 kg) to 187 lb (84.8 kg). Since 2011 I am trying to lose weight but never succeed in the way I wanted. I tried dieting, hired a dietitian, CrossFit workout, ran a half marathon but was never able to lose weight. My HbA1c levels were slowly going up but I never become diabetic so I never cared. In Sept of 2020, I met my newest friend Sanjay Sharma who become as fit as he used to be in his college days with the help of a Doctor in Delhi. I and my wife connected with Dr. Pankaj Kumar end decided to take his help. He provided a balanced diet plan for 3 months (balanced diet plan, not dieting/calories deprivation) and many times daily recommended food was even more than what I can eat in a day. Today my weight is 147 lb (66.7 kg) which is only 0.7 kg higher than my weight what it used to be during my college days (the lowest weight of my life). This is possible and you can do it because I can do it who has done nothing extraordinary in his life. 
Engineer, New Jersey , Rishi Goyal
Kirti Sengar

Obesity with Lethargic body

Yes !!!!! I want to thank you too. Very happy to meet you, Dr. Pankaj Kumar...you not even cure my diseases but also give me the courage to fight them and help me in losing my weight not confidence... Once again, thank you so much, Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Student , Kirti Sengar

My father-in-law was losing weight and muscle wasting is present

My father-in-law is a neuro patient and he was losing weight and muscle wasting was started especially hand and leg muscles along with this he was also suffering from some kind of acute urine infection so I consulted Dr. Pankaj. He not only diagnosed his issues but also guided me about his diet and instructed me about what and when to give him......what should be avoided...n all. It was not only very easy to incorporate into my daily diet but also very effective. Significant results were observed in just 20 days...Additionally the doctor is very calm and listens to every aspect with patience, will recommend Dr. Pankaj to everyone due to their excellent experience. Thank you, Dr. Pankaj Kumar
Delhi , Amrita
Monica Bhatia

weight loss

Its been my fastest ever weight loss journey, 7 kgs in two months, thanks to Dr. Pankaj's unique diet program and that too with my PCOD condition. I feel great, my limbs feel much lighter. I just bought jeans with the lowest waist size ever in the last 8 years. I can now dare to try even medium size and not go to the XXL section anymore
New Delhi , Monica Bhatia
Shambhu Kumar

Diabetes Reversal

I have joined Diet +/-program under Dr. Pankaj, who is also my childhood friend, for three months. At that time my body weight was about 89kg and I suffered from type 2 diabetes and taking a high dose of this medicine (Megagliptin MF Forte) that time. After one month after joining, my diabetes medicine power became half and after two months of the program, my sugar level became under control and I leave to take medicines under the direction of Dr. Pankaj. Now my weight is 78kg (Eleven kg lose) within three months and my diabetes is completely under control without medicines. My today's fasting sugar is 93. Thanks to Dr. Pankaj and his diet program. Now I am feeling very healthy. It is a myth that when diabetes medicine starts to a patient, they can't leave medicine lifetime but it is my opinion, that medicine can be left if you take a proper diet and do exercise regularly under proper supervision like Dr. Pankaj. Thanks again to my dear Dr. Pankaj.  
Bokaro, India , Shambhu Kumar
Praveen Kumar Malhotra

Diabetes Reversal

I am a type 2 diabetes patient for the last 6 years. For a few months, my sugar level was not within control despite taking 24 units of insulin and three times medicines. Still, it was always 240 and above. I discussed this with Dr. Pankaj and he advised me to join his diabetic reversal treatment. Initially, I was not believing that there may thing like diabetic reversal but I joined it half-heartedly. I was shocked when the 5th day of joining insulin was removed and after 3 weeks time medicine was also discontinued. It is 2.5 months of following this treatment my sugar level has not gone above 130. My weight is also reduced by 6 kg. Really it is magical. Thanks to Dr. Pankaj. I liked the way he listened to my problems and analyzed my lifestyle. After joining the treatment he explained the things and cleared my doubts scientifically and logically. Thanks again. May God bless him.
New Delhi , Praveen Kumar Malhotra
Sanjay Sharma

Weight Loss

Dr. Pankaj is a fantastic nutritionist who leverages his medical training to create custom solutions for each individual client. He manages to explain complex medical terms and processes in simple terms. His use of cutting-edge technology has enabled me to use his services while in the United States.
New Jersey, USA , Sanjay Sharma
Ankita Baranwal

weight loss

It is really magic for me!!!!!.. I was very motivated to lose at least 20 kgs but everywhere I got a false commitment. When I consulted Dr.pankaj Kumar, my weight was 95kgs and he told me if I do it honestly, I will get results in that too with lots of food and without starvation or craving or any medication. Now I have come down to 78.7 kgs (16.3 kgs in 3 months) Amazing. Thank You So Much, Dr. Pankaj Kumar...
Bokaro, India , Ankita Baranwal
Arti Gera

Weight Loss

I started my weight loss journey with 72 kg and initially was very skeptical to start my diet plan with Dr pankaj. With my daily lifestyle, busy schedules, and random eating habits, it was a very hard decision for me to go for any diet plan. Under Dr. Pankaj's continuous consultation and motivation, I could easily follow his diet plan of my choice. I would like to appreciate the level of patience that he had with me listening to all my food choices and then adjusting my diet accordingly every time I asked for it. Within a month I started seeing the result and reached down to 65 kg. After following 3 months Diet +/- program, I not only lost 10 kg weight and reached 62kg but also my energy level/ immunity level got increased. I would strongly recommend Dr. Pankaj's diet +/- for those who are looking for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. And I wanted to thank Dr. Pankaj for all the kindness, support, and effort he provided during this whole program.
New Jersey, USA , Arti Gera
Anansha Priya

Visited For Weight Loss Treatment, Weight Loss Diet Counselling

Happy to meet you doctor, thank you for your precious counseling... I'd lose 4 kg only in a month with all of the tasty and healthy food, hope to lose more and thank you more.
Student, New Delhi , Anansha Priya

Visited For Weight Management Counselling

My experience with Dr. Pankaj Kumar has been extraordinary. He has been extremely patient and passionate throughout the journey. His expertise and prowess in this area are unmatched. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking forward to making a substantial change for the good in terms of their health.
New Delhi , Anu
Sakshi Rastogi

Visited For Preventive Medicine

Dr pankaj provided treatment to my entire family during the difficult covid period. He not only made sure that we all are keeping well but also prepared us mentally for what may come next, and why we needn't worry. In today's times when there are doctors who thrive on fear, Dr. pankaj is someone who is more of a God-sent friend. He will NEVER let you fall short of the strength required for fighting against a deadly disease. Even in the most difficult times when you are about to lose hope, he will magically appear to say "you are strong, this will pass" and also will crack a joke that will make you forget your tension altogether. His positivity, his charm, and his mental support are what you should consult him for. Simply put- HE IS AMAZING.
New Delhi , Sakshi Rastogi
Sanjeev Kumar

Visited For Thyroid Diet Counselling

Consulted online for thyroid diet. I was having a thyroid problem for 20 years. I was searching online for diet counseling, on what to avoid thyroid problems. I lost 6 kg in 1 month. My thyroid medication dose has been reduced by 25mcg. I like the approach of Dr. Pankaj. I recommend him to all.
Gaya, Bihar , Sanjeev Kumar