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My 2.5yrs son is losing weight all of a sudden although he is having his food properly. Please tell me the possible reasons. Very worried about this.

My 27 years old brother (height 6 feet) has lost 10kgs in the past 2months, and weighs 56kgs now. There is no change in his food habits,yet the sudden weight loss. What could be the possible reasons behind such drastic weight loss?

While pooping I am passing blood from anal area. problem. It is happening from 4 days. Please suggest what should I do?

Post-delivery I started concentrating on my weight loss. I want to ask how about adding poha to my dinner diet? Is that recommended? Will it aid in weight loss or weight gain? Please reply to lose weight.

I am following a weight loss diet with my team? So, I want to know can I have Monk Fruit Sugar in my tea? It seems Monk Fruit extract is better than Stevia and people on Keto are using it. Please let us know. Thank you.

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I am eating more these days, as I am doing WFH. Physical activity has reduced. What would be the consequences ?

Is it true that drinking water helps lose weight?

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Does cardio workout give the best results?