Why lifestyle modification is needed?

Why lifestyle modification is needed?

India is also known as the capital of diabetes. It is due to rapidly changing lifestyles including dietary habits in the young and middle-aged population. In any clinic or hospital in India, most patients visit for the correction of lifestyle problems or complications like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart problem, etc. These populations share similar characteristics and we are discussing a few of them as follows:

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  1. They do not follow any strict rules in life. There is no fixed sleeping pattern. Many works for MNC and their schedule starts at night so they do not sleep properly.
  2. They remain very sedentary most of the time. They avoid any physical activity
  3. They eat a major part of their food from outside. These days’ online food delivery chains like swiggy, zomato is easily accessible through mobile.
  4. Their interpersonal relations are not good and they make a short-term relationships.
  5. They always remain under the stress either due to bad food habits or due to bad relationships or work-related stress.
  6. Many of them are consuming either alcohol or smoking or at least one type of substance abuse.
  7. They ignore their health issues most of the time and if required they take advice from a non-medical person or many of them go to chemists and purchase medication without any proper consultation with a qualified doctor and so on…


What are the six (6) Pillars of lifestyle modification?Pillars of lifestyle modification

 The Six Pillars

  1. Healthful Eating of Whole, Plant-based Food
  2. Increase Physical Activity
  3. Stress management
  4. Healthy Relationships building and maintenance
  5. Improve Your Sleep
  6. Tobacco cessation




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