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The uniqueness of Dr. Pankaj Kumar's Program


1. He is a qualified doctor. He was also obese and suffered a lot from lifestyle diseases like you. He changed himself first and then started this lifestyle modification program. Being a doctor is very helpful to understand the disease pathology. His unique style of treatment with diet and exercise has helped many patients in the last few years. Read more about Dr. Pankaj Kumar


2. He used to help needy patients with maximum effort and enroll a certain number of patients every month, to maintain the quality of services. 


3. He gives personalized services for the best results. Each individual is different so results vary from person to person even after meticulous customization. See the transformation photo of a few patients here.


4. He can talk on the phone whenever you want, but a prior appointment is mandatory.  To book an appointment use this link. You can consult Dr. Pankaj Kumar for your health-related problem or you can take a second opinion on the current problem also. He is associated with multiple online platforms. 


5. His prescribed food will never be boring. Normally he used to plan according to your choice. The choice form will be visible only after successful payment. He never forced anyone to eat his preferred food. But few ingredients he may plus or minus as per your blood reports and disease present.


6. He does not prefer to lose muscles. Rather he focuses on fat loss. To understand fat loss vs muscle loss, please watch this video.


7. He usually changes the diet plan frequently. Eating the same thing will be boring for everyone so he used to give multiple varieties as per your choice and taste.


8. After losing weight, it remains so. But it depends on how serious you are to adopt a good lifestyle. He is a blogger and he used to give tips to stay fit. 


9. Most importantly, you will not feel hungry or deprived as he gives you too much to eat. He does not believe in a cheat day. But believe me, every day will be a cheat day due to yummy food choices that are too home-based. A low-calorie diet may land up in no weight loss condition or you can ask why low-calorie diets don't work in long term? To understand the concept watch this video.


10. Lastly, few clients notice his charges are high. I agree but with this charge, you will get more than what you invest. A high or low charge is a relative term. Suppose your problem is less, then obviously you will feel the charges are high, and when your problem is high, then you may notice charges are low. So it's not a compulsion to join if your problem is less.


Why lifestyle modification is needed





Why lifestyle modification is needed?      









How To Get Enrolled For Dr. Pankaj Kumar's Lifestyle Modification Program?

If you want to talk more, we are on 01141101411 (10 am - 8 pm) enlightened 9582292288 (9 am - 11 pm)

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