19 Ways To Lose Weight And Boost Health

19 Ways To Lose Weight And Boost Health
  • 29th August 2020

19 Ways To Lose Weight And Boost Health

Every other person in the world yearns to shed their extra kilos and build a healthy body. In the quest of doing so, many people end up opting for a fad diet which although helps in fast weight loss but in reality, is not healthy at all.

Hence, to ensure your weight loss strategies are worthwhile, pay heed to the below points as these tips will help you lose weight in the healthiest manner possible.


1. Consume fiber-rich food

Fiber intake is highly important in your diet especially when you are planning to lose weight because some studies say fiber immensely helps in the loss of extra weight. So, have beans, oats, nuts, and seeds to fill your belly with fiber.


2. Avoid foods containing added sugar

Added sugar is one of the key reasons behind unwanted weight gain and other health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, insulin resistance, fatty liver, and many more. You must avoid consuming soda, candy, and baked goods as these foods contain a lot of added sugar.


3. Ingest healthy fat

Although fats need to get cut in order to lose weight, you must know that healthy fats play a very important role in the weight loss regime.
Usage of avocadoes, olive oil, and nuts in daily diet has shown various weight loss benefits in numerous studies. Moreover, healthy fats make you feel fuller, consequently reducing cravings.


4. Protein in breakfast

Including protein-rich foods in breakfast helps keep your body healthy for the entire day. Also, consuming proteins like eggs and vegetables every day in the morning greatly helps in losing weight.


5. Avoid drinking calories

The drinks that are advertised to enhance the strength more often than not contain unwanted components such as added sugar, artificial coloring, and a high amount of calories which can lead to weight gain. Hence, it’s better to consume normal water to avoid calorie intake. Lemon water is very good if you feel pukish with plain water the whole day. 


6. Reduce intake of refined carbs

Refined carbs are foods that have had their fiber and other nutrients removed such as bread, pasta, white flour, etc. and get easily digested making you feel hungry sooner. It is also associated with weight gain and gain in belly fat. Therefore, it’s better to opt for complex carbs as they help keep the stomach feel fuller for longer.


7. Have whole foods

Foods that do not have a long list of ingredients are likely to provide you with a good amount of nutrients. Remember, food with unending ingredients means it is not as healthy as your body requires.


8. Loaded vegetable intake

The majority of the vegetables are full of nutrients that the body requires. Consuming vegetables every day tends to help in weight loss and decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.


9. Smart snacking

Having unhealthy snacks leads to an unhealthy body which is why it is best to get your hands on healthy snacks i.e., fruit or vegetable salad, nuts, etc.


10. Practice interesting exercises

Making workout a daily routine helps in weight loss immensely. Also, it is best to choose a workout that makes you feel good so that you stick with it for longer and get the desired results without breaking a sweat. Do Aerobic Exercise daily. Lift Weights at least 3 days a week. Resistance training preserves bone mineral density and protects from osteoporosis. 

11. Drink Black Coffee or Green Tea 

Caffeine in coffee is a well-known component to boost metabolism. some studies showed the fat-burning ability too that may be up to 10-29%. You can easily get coffee in a local grocery shop or shop online. Similar to coffee, green tea is also associated with weight loss but this work is done by catechins and small amounts of caffeine. Green tea can be purchased at a chemist shop, grocery store, or online.


12. Try Intermittent Fasting

Eat - Fast - Eat cycle or Eating in a fixed time frame and fasting in another fixed time frame is intermittent fasting. It is a very popular method of weight loss. You can read "Intermittent Fasting: Fast-Eat-Fast Tool" to get an overall idea about intermittent fasting.


13. Adopt the habit of Low-Carb Diet

The low carb diet is associated with weight loss as well as multiple health benefits. Moderate carb restriction gives a very good result if it is clubbed with a weight training exercise.


14. Take Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic is associated with weight loss as well as weight gain. so if you are planning to add probiotics in your diet regimen then add probiotic made up of Lactobacillus subfamily. Also, avoid probiotic having L. acidophilus as this is associated with weight gain. Probiotics are easily available in the grocery store or you can buy online


15. Consume Spicy Foods

Many spices contain certain chemicals which used to boost metabolism. One component capsaicin in chili pepper is known to boost metabolism and help in reducing appetite and cravings. One study showed to develop tolerance to these effects of capsaicin over time.


16. Get Good Quality sleep

The role of sleep in weight loss is very crucial. Without good sleep, you cannot do exercise and you may feel weak over time. Poor sleep is one of the important risk factors for weight gain in children (89%) as well as adults (55%). According to research sleep deprivation is associated with weight gain and it stimulates appetite center by secretion of ghrelin and reduction in leptin hormone.


17. Supplement your diet With Whey Protein

Keeping in mind that "Protein is king", so you must get a sufficient amount from the diet as well as from supplement. It helps in increasing muscle mass and losing fat. 

High protein intake reduces cravings and it helps in boosting metabolism.

Protein supplements including whey and whey isolate protein are available at most Gym stores or health stores and online.


18. Don't Diet — Eat Healthy Instead

A fad diet, crash diet rarely work in the long term. A healthy diet is required to keep your metabolism active and it gives you slow but steady results. Read here how to choose the right diet plan for weight loss.


19. Drink solid food and Chew liquid food

Haha, it sounds funny but when you try, it will also work as it increases the volume of your food and you feel the stomach is full. when you eat and your mind is thinking something else you may consume more food which is actually not required so while giving food to your tummy don't feed your brain. Think-Think-Think only about the food that you are eating.


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